DMK Enzyme Therapy

dmk enzyme therapy central paAllyson-Brittany Aesthetics offers the immediate results of DMK Enzyme Therapy to clients in York, PA.

Danné Montague-King discovered the breakthrough treatment in the ‘70s. He has since been developing this treatment throughout the decades. He developed the DMK enzyme treatment concept of removing, rebuilding, protecting, and maintaining healthy skin.

DMK Enzyme Therapy utilizes natural approaches to treating the skin’s natural health.

With this knowledge ready and available, we bring the best DMK Enzyme Treatment sessions to anyone in York County, PA wanting to experience DMK Enzyme Therapy first-hand.

Our DMK Enzyme Treatment Provides Immediate Results

We offer the best aesthetic treatments in York County, PA. Our professionals are educated in the highest levels of professional skin revision, providing only the best services for Central PA residents.

With a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, Allyson-Brittany Aesthetics prioritizes client comfort as they undergo the best skin care services in York, PA.

What Are the Benefits of DMK Enzyme Therapy?

DMK Enzyme Therapy does more than strip the dead, unwanted skin. DMK Enzyme Therapy revitalizes skin to its best condition for long-term results.

This treatment is the best option in York County, PA to achieve the following goals:

  •       Restores & Rebalances Your Skin
  •       Lifts & Tightens the Skin
  •       And More!
Additional DMK Enzyme Therapy Information

Restores & Rebalances Your Skin

Our Signature Enzyme Facial is available to anyone in Central PA.

This treatment restores and rebalances skin to its natural state by delivering the necessary nutrients for the skin to remove toxins and dead cells.

The delivery of oxygen and fresh nutrients throughout the skin is a plasmatic effect. This leaves our clients’ skin oxygenated, healthy, and fresh.

Our skin rebalancing treatments returns our clients’ skin functioning as it should, making them glow inside and out.

Lifts & Tightens the Skin

York, PA residents wanting healthier skin can try our Complete Package and Muscle Banding Enzyme treatment sessions.

DMK Enzyme Therapy traditionally uses a hard-setting mask over the face and body. Living enzymes within our treatment masks stimulate the natural enzymes to speed up skin recovery.

As the enzymes work on your skin the DMK enzyme facial helps to fully lift your skin and add a firm and youthful glow.

Book an Appointment for Our DMK Enzyme Therapy Sessions in Central PA Today

A DMK Enzyme Therapy session may take up to 90 minutes. Combined with our professional services, Central PA residents wanting to restore and rebalance their skin is achievable.

Allyson-Brittany Aesthetics offers other services like facials in York, PA that make our clients feel like they are at the spa. Our services offer York, PA residents access to customizable skin care needs that are unique to each individual.

Our customized European-style facial lasts 55 minutes. Infused with essential oils, our treatment offers deep cleansing and mild exfoliation.

The DMK enzyme treatment is a great way to restore your skin and feel refreshed and relaxed during the process. You can rest while the enzymes do the work!

Experience the best DMK Enzyme Treatment session first-hand.