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DMK’s revolutionary concept of REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT, MAINTAIN aims to match an individual’s biochemistry with the appropriate skin therapy. Danné Montague-King, claims that the origin of any skin condition is disharmony in the natural way the skin functions. Therefore the DMK concept is simply about restoring balance and enhancing optimal skin function. Regardless of your ethnic background, gender, age or skin condition, DMK offers you an effective skin revision program. Botanical-based paramedical products make up the DMK skin care program.



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Who We Are

Allyson-Brittany Aesthetics is a premium skin revision clinic in York, PA. As certified DMK paramedical skin revision specialists, Allyson-Brittany Aesthetics team provides result driven skin therapy treatments that provide real results. Our paramedical grade home prescriptive skin care products maintain and enhance results outside of the treatment room. As an alumni educator for Von Lee Internati

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Renowned DMKs Enzyme Therapy

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Get The Best Skin Care Treatments in York County, PA

skin aesthetics york paAllyson-Brittany Aesthetics is a full-service beauty and aesthetics company that focuses on bringing out the best in your natural, beautiful skin. We focus primarily on aesthetic services in the Lancaster, PA and York, PA regions, providing access to optimal skin care procedures and products that will completely revolutionize how your skin looks and feels. We’re one of the best in the area, and we provide a wide array of aesthetic services.

At Allyson-Brittany Aesthetics, we make skin care feel like a spa day, as our primary focus is on our customers. We ensure that our clients in the Lancaster, PA and York, PA areas can look beautiful and feel confident in their bodies. Our focus is on natural skin aesthetics, as we ensure that you can maintain the results much longer than traditional aesthetics.

What Can Our Skin Care Services Help With?

  • Renewing & Revitalizing Skin
  • Removing Impurities
  • Providing Relaxation
  • Keeping Your Skin Healthy
  • & Much More

Through the optimal skin care and treatments you get with Allyson-Brittany Aesthetics, you can finally live out your dream of looking good. If you live in York, PA and Lancaster, PA and are ready to transform your look completely, Allyson-Brittany Aesthetics is the best skin care company to call.

Leave Feeling Younger & Refreshed

At Allyson-Brittany Aesthetics, we provide a wide array of skin care treatments like our coolifting services in York, PA, that revolve around your ability to optimize skin aesthetics. For our York County, PA clients, these include:

Our alkaline scar revision skin care service is one of our most popular at Allyson-Brittany Aesthetics. Through this offering, we provide an opportunity for clients who have scars or other skin blemishes to get them removed and restore their skin. When it comes to skin aesthetics, scar removal can benefit the health of your skin.

Our skin care and treatments also extend to enjoyable spa-like facials. We provide the best facial services in the York, PA and Lancaster, PA regions, ensuring that you can refresh your look and feel confident about your face again.

You can never go wrong with our waxing services to keep your skin smooth and defined. The process can significantly improve your overall skin aesthetics and make you feel much more comfortable.

What is DMK Enzyme Therapy? It is another skin care option that can significantly improve your look. It involves stimulating your facial muscles, working from underneath the skin to leave it restored and balanced.

Our lunchtime chemical peel is a skin care and treatment option that can be applied to the neck, face, and hands. It involves the application of chemicals to your body, causing the skin to peel off. The new skin underneath, which is smoother and fresher, will take its place. This procedure is entirely safe and quick enough to stop by on your lunch break.

Get in Touch With Our Aesthetic Professionals

Allyson-Brittany Aesthetics is genuinely the best skin care company for anyone in the York County, PA area. We have refined our services significantly, and we can assure you that we will cater to your every need.

Feel free to book a session with one of our professionals, and we’ll look into how best to improve your skin aesthetics. We’re just a phone call away from our York County, PA clients, so do yourself a favor and rejuvenate your skin today!

Expert Skin Care in Shrewsbury, PA

Expert Skin Care in Shrewsbury, PA Connecting you with deeper revitalization and rich nourishment is only the beginning at Allyson-Brittany Aesthetics. We’re dedicated to result-driven treatments that last, and we specialize in bringing out the best in comprehensive skin care routines with more ways to build and maintain a healthier tone and texture for life.

Every unique skin type requires a select variety of products and solutions, and quality skin care should always begin with an experienced skin evaluation. With access to an incredible line of safer treatment solutions, trusted organic products, and personalized advice by DMK, we’re on a mission to resolve stubborn dryness, fine lines, irritation, and unwanted blemishes for good. Our enriching skin care near Bel Air, MD is powered by scientific research, years of experience, and a commitment to supporting the wellness of your skin deep beneath the surface symptoms.

Our Services Revolve Around Your Skin’s Needs

After we help you establish a healthier baseline, our skincare specialists will walk you through the many ways we can help you maintain stunning results. For example, if you are struggling to find a cleanser that doesn’t dry your skin or cause additional irritation, we have an array of naturally-based exfoliating and purifying products that work in harmony with the treatments we provide. Regardless of your skin type, type of damage, or other relevant skin conditions, our tailored skin care near Towson, MD, is designed for anyone that needs help with:

  • Sun Damage & Fine Lines
  • Safer Product Selection
  • Respectful Waxing Care
  • Improved Collagen & Elastin Production
  • Beautiful Aesthetics like Lash Lifts & Eyebrow Care

Our skincare specialists near Shrewsbury, PA, can help you to establish a safe and effective skincare plan. Contact us today for a free skincare consultation or schedule a relaxing spa visit!

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