Enjoy A Custom Facial in York, PA

facials york county paAt Allyson Brittany Aesthetics, we offer the best aesthetics services in the York County, PA area. Our specialists are educated in professional skin revision. We provide relaxing and rejuvenating facial services for York County, PA residents.

At Allyson Brittany Aesthetics, we prioritize our client’s comfort. Our calm and welcoming atmosphere ensures clients experience the best facial service in York, PA.

With our clients in mind, our facials are customizable to match client preferences and needs.

What Do Our Facials Do?

Local York, PA residents have immediate access to customizable facials. Skin care needs are unique, so different clients need different treatment levels.

We acknowledge that skin types are diverse and adjust our facial services accordingly.

Our customized European-style facial treatments last 55 minutes. By infusing essential oils into our standard treatments, our unique facials provide the following services for healthier skin:

  •       Deep Clean
  •       Mild Exfoliation
  •       Lymphatic Drainage
  •       And More!
Additional Facial Information

Deep Clean

Our facials go beyond the standard cleansing steps. Deep cleaning the skin helps eliminate unwanted skin conditions, like aged skin, acne, or eczema.

Our process cleanses any build-up in the face. The skin is left healthier and brighter by getting rid of excess oil, dirt, bacteria, and toxins.

The deep cleaning factor of our facials helps unclog the skin cells of pore-enlarging debris, leaving the skin tighter and more supple.

Mild Exfoliation

Our facial exfoliation process is the gentlest in York County, PA. We use only the softest methods in removing the face’s dead skin cells.

While the face naturally exfoliates its skin, some cells may not completely shed away. With our facial services, clients can expect non-abrasive and skin-friendly methods in dead skin cell removal.

Lymphatic Drainage

Our light facial massages or lymphatic drainage procedure promotes a natural facelift.

The light massages incorporated in our unique facials help facial lymph nodes flush out old fluids. This allows more room for fresh nutrients that brighten the skin.

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Our facials promote the skin’s natural healthy state. In only an hour, we give our clients moments of self-care and stress relief.

This instant and immediate relief is a specialty of ours at Allyson Brittany Aesthetics. Some of our other services include our chemical peel in York, PA, and many other skin care services we offer our clients.

Experience the best facial and aesthetic services by our aestheticians in York, PA today.