Vivace RF Microneedling

microneedling lancaster paAre You Ready To Make Your Skin Look Younger?

Have you been trying to rejuvenate your skin and improve its texture? Then you might need microneedling. This treatment is popular because of its minimal downtime and impressive results. If you live in York, PA or Lancaster, PA, you can get the best microneedling services near you.

What Parts of the Body Can Microneedling Be Used For?

If you know about microneedling treatment, you may also know that you can do it to your face, neck, hands, and body. Whatever your needs are, we offer the best services.

We have Vivace RF Microneedling, which is the newest generation of anti-aging treatment. It can help tighten and improve the contouring of the face, neck, hands, and body. It is also pain-free while producing immediate results.

Moreover, Vivace RF Microneedling suits all skin types making it safe and effective.

1. Face

As we age, we develop deep and fine wrinkles on our faces. With microneedling, it stimulates elastin and collagen growth, reducing these aging signs on the face.

Dermatologists found that even a few sessions can decrease the forehead’s deep wrinkles, crow’s feet, and fine lines.

Aside from microneedling, you can also add our other anti-aging treatment, known as the CooLifting treatment in York, PA. This can reduce skin aging in just about five minutes. If you want to hydrate, tighten, and make your skin firm, CooLifting is a great partner for microneedling.

2. Neck

Another area where microneedling provides great results is the neck. If you have developed loose skin, age spots, and a road map of lines on your neck, you can treat it with microneedling.

Microneedling naturally makes the neck look younger and healthier. This is done through the creation of micro-injuries in the epidermis when a dermapen passes over it.

This then results in regenerative properties in the skin.

3. Hands

Hands also develop wrinkles and lines, destroying their appearance. With microneedling treatment, you can smoothen your hands’ texture, as this treatment can tighten your skin.

Microneedle punctures will trigger the hands’ fibroblasts and growth factors to synthesize new skin matrices. Thus, your hands will become elastic and firm.

4. Body

Although you do not have to microneedle your entire body, it is still possible and beneficial. However, since the body has various skin thicknesses, you may need different microneedling devices.

For instance, one device may be effective for the thighs or buttocks, but a microneedle for the face may not be suitable on such thicker skin. That’s why it is still best to contact our professional microneedling services in Lancaster, PA.

How Does Microneedling Work?

Vivace RF Microneedling blends the proven benefits of microneedling with gentle radiofrequency heat to produce noticeably improved skin care outcomes. To perform this minimally invasive and very tolerable procedure, we start by applying a soothing serum to numb the skin and improve the effectiveness of the skin-restorative processes.

After preparing the skin, the FDA-approved RF microneedling device is gently applied across the targeted treatment area. Tiny, sterilized microneedles are used to create microscopic channels along the skin. While this is happening, the heated RF wand simultaneously helps to alleviate any discomfort and assists in the process of stimulating blood flow and regenerative skin cell activation.

Since our microneedling procedure is much less invasive than traditional microneedling procedures, there is a very low risk of scarring and infection. It’s important to remember that the microneedles are sterile, and our Shrewsbury, PA spa is 100% committed to client-first safety. Protecting your health is our promise and our licensed experts are extensively trained in providing gentle and clean care.

After the targeted area is treated, your skin’s natural healing and restorative properties take it from there! New collagen and elastin flood the area, and revitalized blood flow supplies your skin with essential nutrients. The results are a visibly restored tone, softer texture, and all-around healthier skin with every quick and easy treatment.

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