How to Maintain Healthy Skin Through the Summer

How to Maintain Healthy Skin Through the Summer

Keeping up with the Summer sunshine and a defensive skin care routine can definitely feel like an uphill battle. As estheticians that have come face-to-face with serious sun damage issues of every kind, we know exactly how tough it can be. Even though it’s tough, with a few simple changes and the right products powering your routine, you can still enjoy the best of Summertime without settling for sun damage, premature wrinkles, or future health risks. We’re all about keeping it simple at Allyson Brittany Aesthetics, so give these simple ideas a try and still enjoy some guilt-free lounging at the beach this season. 

Accessorize & Throw Some Sunscreen Into Your Bag

Unless you’re after that burnt-to-a-crisp lobster look, upgrading your sun-protective style is the easiest way to minimize sun damage risks while still looking your best. Beautiful sun dresses, a matching hat, and some sporty UV shirts are cheap and effective. Avoiding anything longer than 20 minutes of direct sunlight is recommended, but we know how impossibly unrealistic that is. 

Along with your vibrant bathing suit and adorable sun hat, grab a bottle of non-toxic sunscreen before you head out this Summer. There are a ton of healthy brands available these days, and even with sunscreen applied every ~80 minutes, you can still achieve a safe tan. If you’re concerned about the chemicals in sunscreen, you can take your skin-protection routine a step further with mineral sunscreens that use ingredients like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide to create UV radiation protection.  

Frequent Hydration & Moisturization is Essential

Before, during, and after any sun exposure, another key skin-defense strategy is as simple as hydrating your skin cells. By drinking more water and moisturizing regularly, your skin’s natural defenses and healing processes are boosted. Along with helping you defend and heal faster, upping your water intake, using after-sun products, and adding a nutrient-rich moisturizer into your routine to minimize the long-term risks associated with excess UV exposure. 

Invest in Preventative & Restorative Treatments

In conjunction with a better moisturizing plan, professional skin care guidance and care is a great way to verify that you are using the best products for your skin type. Allyson Brittany Aesthetics also provides incredibly restorative services like hydrafacials, microneedling, and chemical peels in Lancaster, PA that works in unison with the best moisturization plans. Whether you’re hoping to protect your skin before a vacation to the beach, or your skin has already suffered serious damage, we identify your skin’s specific care needs, connect you with a variety of healing solutions, and will teach you how to avoid the problems in the future. 

Looking for other amazing ways to protect your skin and heal naturally? Get in touch with our experienced skin care professionals and we’ll connect you with services like natural spray tanning, and rejuvenating microdermabrasion in Lancaster, PA. Let us help you find the best ways to achieve softer and healthier skin for life.