What to Expect At Your Scar Revision Appointment

What to Expect At Your Scar Revision Appointment

If you’ve been searching for an effective way to reduce acne scarring, and uneven pigmentation, and restore the youthful appearance of your skin, an alkaline wash can do it all! As the alkaline solution works its magic, hardened scar tissue dissolves and the natural healing mechanisms within your skin kick into overdrive. Quick and easy to do, the entire process is completed in our comfortable spa, takes less time to recover than other scar revision options, and the beautifully restored results last long after the treatments are complete. 

A Skin Evaluation is the First Step

Before moving forward with an alkaline wash treatment plan, our skincare team begins with a thorough skin evaluation. After we learn about your needs and teach you about the process, we’ll help you organize a treatment schedule that revolves around your skin goals. 

How Many Treatments Do You Need? 

For very superficial and shallow blemishes or acne scarring, you may only need one or two alkaline treatments to achieve your desired recovery goals. For deeper scarring and more noticeable pigmentation concerns, multiple treatments spaced 2-3 months apart over a year or two may be required to achieve the best results. 

Since many personal factors influence how your skin heals and how you respond to each alkaline treatment, treatment plans are adjusted around your outcomes after the skin has fully recovered between sessions. For some, a single treatment is all that is necessary; for others with the same skin condition, it takes 2, 3, or 4 treatments to achieve the best results. 

What to Expect During & After? 

Each scar removal in York County, PA only takes about 30 minutes in our relaxing spa. After performing a spot test, the alkaline wash is applied to the treatment area for 3 to 4 minutes. Some clients experience no discomfort, while others report a slight tingling, warming, or mild burning sensation. After the alkaline wash is finished, our estheticians clean the skin and apply a soothing moisturizer to reduce any irritation and promote the restoration process. 

Afterward, your skin may feel dry, tight, and sensitive to the touch and sunlight. You’ll want to avoid harsh cleansers, excessive heat, and direct sunlight without sunscreen. You can use a cool cloth to soothe the skin if it’s feeling warm, and we’ll provide you with nourishing aftercare products to keep you moisturized and accelerate the healing process. 

The Lasting Benefits

After about 2 weeks, the majority of the healing processes are complete. After 6-8 weeks, your skin should be fully replenished with noticeable benefits in softness and tone. Acne scars will be less visible, natural color is restored, and a noticeably softer baseline is the result! 

To learn more about this effective scar treatment, get in touch with our caring team at Allyson Brittany Aesthetics and discover the many lasting benefits we can help you achieve!