DMK Sunscreen: Proper Application, Products, And When To Use It

DMK Sunscreen: Proper Application, Products, And When To Use It

Even on cloudy and cool days, seemingly harmless UV rays can undermine the health and beauty of our skin! We’re all about the proactive approach to skin wellness, and one of our most practical products is DMK Sunscreen. Unlike other chalky, greasy, and questionable sunscreen varieties, we love the balanced properties of DMK’s premium sunscreen for several reasons. 

DMK Sunscreen is Compatible With All Skin Types And Other Skincare Products

DMK sunscreen was exclusively designed to complement skin health and clarity, regardless of skin type. As a specialized transdermal sunscreen, it absorbs deeper into the dermal layers, providing advanced protection on a cellular level. Thanks to its non-greasy formulation, this is an excellent choice for anyone who suffers from acne or oily skin. Additionally, since its pore-friendly blend supports enhanced moisture retention, it is also a choice for individuals with dry or irritated skin who regularly moisturize.

Finally, the lightweight finish makes this a perfect option for anyone who wants to protect their skin and combine it with other beauty products or services like DMK enzyme therapy in York, PA. For example, DMK sunscreen is compatible with your favorite moisturizers and makeup and lasts for hours of reliable, broad-spectrum UV protection. 

How And When to Apply 

For the best results, apply DMK sunscreen to clean and dry skin. If used with a serum or moisturizer, wait until the other product has absorbed, then apply a generous portion of sunscreen on visible skin 30 minutes before sun exposure. DMK sunscreen’s broad-spectrum properties are approved for prolonged exposure, reapplying every 2 hours and directly after swimming, perspiring, or toweling off is best.  

Elevate Your Year-Round Skincare Plan With Allyson-Brittany Aesthetics

Even in the winter, adding the potent defense of DMK sunscreen into your daily care plan is a smart idea. In reality, some of the worst skin damage occurs during the colder months because of the dryness and increased likelihood of exposure without sunscreen. Even if you usually wear long sleeves and a hat, grab a bottle for your bag and dab some on your cheeks, neck, and arms if there’s any chance you’ll be in the sun for 20 minutes or longer! 

If you’ve been searching for other impactful ways to heal, nourish, and prevent other common skincare issues, we would love to help you create an enriching action plan with skin-boosting products like Stemzyme or a customized facial schedule. 

Every relaxing spa session at ABA comes with an insightful skincare evaluation and practical tips to enrich the fundamentals of your skin’s wellness. In harmony with all the most popular treatments at our skin care spa in York, PA, our health-oriented skincare model revolves around factual client education, proven dermatology research, and nature-inspired skin care. 

Ready to experience our clean, natural, and enriching products or services? Contact our knowledgeable estheticians for a nourishing session and discover other amazing skincare product ideas today!