Determining If A Scar Revision Treatment Is Right For You

Determining If A Scar Revision Treatment Is Right For You

Before considering an invasive scar removal procedure, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are several topical treatments to reduce scar visibility, soften the texture, and restore a healthier baseline without the need for surgery. With the power of restorative enzymes, pH-balancing alkaline washes, and other safe treatments tailored to your specific skin needs, our scar treatments get to the root of damaged skin cells and inspire new tissue regeneration.

Since there are a variety of restorative options available, finding the right solution begins with a consideration of your personal needs and a helpful discussion with our scar revision team in York, PA. Take a look at our popular scar revision options below, and you’ll be ready to make an informed and confident decision for a faster and safer scar recovery that lasts! 

Alkaline Scar Revision Removes & Rebuilds

From acne scarring to stretch marks, our alkaline wash is one of the most versatile scar recovery options. The restorative solution changes the pH of the skin from its normally acidic, hardened state to a softened, alkaline state within minutes. As this happens, the hardened tissue in scars and pigmented areas begins to dissolve. This process triggers your skin’s natural healing and recovery mechanisms, flooding the treatment area with nutrients and new skin cells.

How Long Does It Take To See Results? 

Since the alkaline solution breaks down damaged scar tissue, it does take time to heal. The amount of time it takes your skin to heal will depend on the size of the area treated, your age, and other factors like nutrition. In general, with healthy skin and proper moisturization, it takes around 2 weeks for the skin to fully heal, and up to 2 months for the complete rebuilding. 

Depending on the extent of scarring, many clients notice significant scar or blemish reduction after the first couple of weeks, while other clients with deeper scars may require multiple treatments to achieve their desired aesthetic and softening goals. 

DMK Enzyme Therapy Smooths & Restores

Another amazing treatment to consider for a noticeable lift and to reduce the appearance of scars is enzyme therapy. Through the power of reverse osmosis and the potent enzymes within, this enzymatic treatment restores the balance of your skin by actively flushing toxins from skin cells, exfoliating dead tissue, and restoring the supply of oxygen-rich blood flow. Since scar tissue naturally has a diminished blood supply and is filled with hardened tissue, an enzyme treatment directly addresses the root causes of scar formation.

Depending on the type of scarring, it takes between 2-6 treatments over a month or two to achieve the best results. You can expect a softened tone, a healthier glow, and reduced visibility of fine lines, acne scarring, and other blemishes with gradual and noticeable benefits following each treatment.