Acne Treatment That Feels Like Selfcare

Acne Treatment That Feels Like Selfcare

Anyone who thinks that acne treatments and discomfort are inseparable has never experienced our soothing services at Allyson-Brittany Aesthetics! Our diverse skin aesthetics in York, PA feature powerful botanical solutions combined with the gentle care that gets to the root of stubborn toxins, clogs, and even acne scars. Appropriate for chronic acne, the occasional flare-up, and every other acne-related problem there is, our restorative products and services can liberate your pores and restore the youthful integrity of your skin. 

Start With a Detoxifying and Tension-Melting Facial 

Before experimenting with questionable acne medications or invasive treatment, begin with our natural facials for a myriad of acne-stopping benefits. Our multi-step facials include a mix of exfoliating ingredients, purifying cleansers, and restorative moisturizers to reach your acne reduction goals in fewer sessions. 

Depending on your acne recovery needs, we offer a customized variety of facials for every skin type. For maximum restoration, our DMK enzyme facial treatments remove dead skin cells, restore the skin’s balance, and promote the formation of new cells for a softened texture and clearer complexion. For routine cleansing and acne prevention, our classic facials infuse a range of hand-selected products into the session for balanced and personalized care that aligns with your long-term skin care goals. Whichever facial type is right for your situation, expect to leave every refreshing session looking and feeling cleaner, brighter, and softer.

Recover From Scarring and Other Acne Blemishes

Like our potent enzyme facials, we offer a range of post-acne-damage recovery solutions to reduce acne blemishes and pigmentation safely and effectively. Our alkaline acne treatment in York County, PA is one of our most useful services for clearing visible signs of damage and discoloration. Unlike other risky acne scar treatment options like surgery, our alkaline scar revision is applied as a mask that raises the skin’s pH to clear unsightly scar tissue and acne blemishes. 

Another mild and effective treatment we offer for acne blemish reduction is dermaplaning. Our experienced estheticians gently scrape away dead cells, scar tissue, and other surface imperfections with a sterile blade. Afterward, you’ll immediately notice a reduction in scarring visibility, and discoloration, and feel softer with every session. 

Looking for other versatile acne treatment solutions? Ask our skilled estheticians about our LED light therapy, Vivace RF microneedling, and Quick Peel Instant Glow for a comprehensive acne plan that cleans deeper and prevents recurring acne for good.   

Upgrade Your Natural Skin Care Routine Today!

To make the most of your facial, alkaline wash, or dermaplaning sessions, our instructive team provides skin-specific education and post-care recommendations with every service. We carry an amazing line of naturally detoxifying and restorative DMK products, and will gladly help you design a balanced home cleansing and aftercare routine to maintain your acne-free results for years to come. 

Even if you don’t have active acne concerns, our treatments can still benefit the health and beauty of your skin. For an informative skin care consultation, reach out to our knowledgeable team for personalized guidance today!