Treating Sun Damage in the Fall (Scar Treatment)

Treating Sun Damage in the Fall (Scar Treatment)

As the leaves start to change and your tan begins to fade, you’re not alone if fine lines, dark spots, and other signs of sun damage have started to replace that beautifully-bronzed sheen! Even if you’re not concerned with a few freckles, the sun’s potent UV rays can cause a variety of issues deep beneath the surface. Too much sun exposure increases scar visibility, reduces your skin’s healing capabilities, and can quickly transform even the softest and clearest of skin into a leathery, irritated, and simply unhealthy situation. 

Support Your Skin From Within

While a skincare routine filled with natural moisturizers and proactive sun protection is the best defense, there are still realistic steps you can take if the damage has already been done. We’re sun damage recovery specialists, and utilize a variety of safe and effective strategies to promote scar tissue restoration from the source. Whether you’re dealing with acne scars, deepening lines, or pigmentation issues that have worsened over the summer, we have a range of fall-season recovery solutions for every skin type. 

Depending on the extent of sun damage and other relevant skincare issues, our rejuvenating treatments for scar revision in York, PA begin with a customized plan of healing. All of our treatments are minimally invasive, involve shorter recovery times, and are among the most trusted options in the restorative sun and scar recovery.   

Alkaline Scar Revision

Our powerful alkaline wash dissolves hardened and damaged skin cells, allowing your skin to rebuild and replace the sun-damaged tissue with healthy, soft, and evenly-toned clarity. By removing the cells that cause both discoloration and hardness, a single series of treatments produce long-term benefits and a new lease on your skin’s natural strength, texture, and tone. 

DMK Enzyme Therapy

Another proven solution to reduce the signs of sun damage, acne scarring, and age-related lines or blemishes, DMK Enzyme Therapy works in harmony with the natural processes of your skin to provide noticeable scar reduction. 

In normal healthy skin, our enzymes play a vital role in removing toxins, and dead skin cells, and maintaining their soft and firm characteristics. Since sun damage and scar tissue directly limit your natural enzyme functionality, our enzyme infusion is designed to reset the system. 

While restarting the restorative processes and realigning your skin’s natural balance, our DMK Enzyme treatments flush away the hardened tissues and toxins. The result is restored blood supply, softened tissue, and a consistent tone that lasts long after the treatments are complete. 

Personalized Facial Care

While a deeply-nourishing facial may not be considered a scar revision treatment, our personalized facials are the perfect complement to sun damage and scar recovery. Keeping your skin properly hydrated and protected is an ongoing process, and our specialized care can help you establish a healthier baseline for life. 

To learn more about our sun damage and scar recovery solutions, get in touch with our caring team and we’ll get to work revitalizing your texture, tone, and clarity today!