Skin Hydration in Cooler Weather

Skin Hydration in Cooler Weather

It’s time to winterize your skin! Yes, like our cars and homes that need some additional protection during the colder seasons, our skin deserves some extra attention too! With dropping temperatures, there is less humidity, our skin becomes stiffer, and the resulting cracking, flaking, and itching are the opposite of an ideal skin condition! Instead, incorporate these simple tips into your routine for healthy skin that shines even with subzero temps on the forecast. 

Update Your Hydration Routine

Before investing in a fancy moisturizer, the one you already use may be sufficient with a better moisturization schedule. Instead of applying lotion after you notice dryness or irritation, it’s always better to be proactive and moisturize before the dryness takes root. Make it a habit to apply your best body butter, body oil, or restorative lotion after showers and before you head out into the frosty weather. This will help your skin retain the moisture it already has while creating a protective shield that prevents dry air from penetrating the upper dermal layers.  

Of course, the quality of the moisturizer you choose is a crucial detail. Our skin care experts in York County, PA, will gladly help you find an amazing option for your skin type if you need some advice. Whichever product ends up working best for your skin, it’s always better to use it more frequently than you think is necessary. Throw a travel bottle in your bag, apply it to any areas of skin that are regularly exposed to the dry air, and set a reminder on your phone or watch to apply every few hours until it becomes a habit! 

Boost the Humidity at Home

Introduce a humidifier or essential oil diffuser into your home and revitalize your skin’s softness during the chilly seasons. Keep it running in any room you spend a lot of time in, especially in the bedroom for noticeable hydration benefits with every restorative night’s rest. For a bonus, introduce a few drops of your favorite lavender, tea tree, or bergamot essential oils into the mister to complement the hydration with a refreshing scent at home! 

Avoid Extreme Conditions

On excessively sunny or chilly days, be sure to practice some skin-safe avoidance. Anything more than 20 minutes of direct sunlight can accelerate the drying powers associated with low humidity. Also, if your skin is exposed to freezing temperatures for too long, the vessels in your skin constrict, resulting in less blood flow to the skin and an increased chance of cracking and damage to the dermal tissue. Simply dress well and avoid the extremes to keep that beautifully soft skin in great shape! 

Treat Yourself to Professional-Grade Treatments

Alongside redefining your self-care and protective strategies this winter, consider professional skin care for proactive moisturization and post-damage recovery. With ultra-nourishing facials, skin-specific product selection, and the most restorative chemical peels in York, PA, our amazing processes naturally protect and repair your skin from the harshness of winter’s chill.