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Best Eyebrow Microblading Services in Lancaster, PA

If you live in Lancaster, PA, you can easily avail yourself of the best microblading services thanks to Allyson-Brittany Aesthetics. Our beauty clinic provides various beauty and skin treatments aside from eyebrow microblading.

Filling in our eyebrows every day can be overwhelming, but if you live in York, PA, or Lancaster, PA, you can try out microblading.

Eyebrow microblading has been popular for years now, and it truly eases the burden of having to fix our eyebrows every single time we go out of the house. To learn more about microblading in York, PA, or Lancaster, PA, read on below!

What is Microblading?

Eyebrow microblading creates the illusion of fuller eyebrows using a semi-permanent tattoo technique. From beautifully bold brows to a very natural light finish, we can achieve this via microblading.

Most of the best microblading services in York, PA, like us, first ask our clients what they prefer. We also suggest that the best effect is the one that matches your skin undertone and natural hair color.

The process can take from 30-40 minutes, depending on how full you want your brows to look. If you need minor tweaks or want to make sure you’re fully happy with the results, you can make a follow-up appointment.

The result usually lasts from one to three years, but may fade faster on oily skins or depending on your lifestyle and the products you use.

Additional Microblading Information

What Are The Benefits of Microblading?

Microblading is popular because of its many benefits. With Allyson-Brittany Aesthetics, you can achieve a natural-looking brow safely and painlessly. To dive deeper into eyebrow microblading’s benefits, continue reading.

1. Long-Lasting

Microblading is not a one-time session. It requires four to eight weeks of follow-up treatment or touch-ups. That way, you can have amazing eyebrows for the next one to three years.

2. Does Not Smudge or Smear Off

As mentioned, you will not need to retouch your eyebrows regularly since microblading implants pigments into your skin’s first three layers. Thus, it will not smear or smudge off after you sweat or wash your face.

3. Looks Natural

For many, you may find it possible to make your eyebrows look natural when using eyebrow products. With eyebrow microblading in York, PA, or Lancaster, PA, you can achieve a beautiful natural eyebrow.

4. Painless, Safe & Effective

The process of microblading is painless and safe. Instead of numbing pain through local anesthesia, microblading uses numbing topical ointments. This will make sure that you feel no pain at all. Some may even fall asleep during the process because it’s so painless

When it comes to safety, estheticians performing microblading have licenses. This means they have undergone professional training and examination.

With our eyebrow microblading in Lancaster, PA, or York, PA, you can receive the best microblading services that are super effective.

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