Safe Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Body Hair

Safe Ways to Getting Rid of Unwanted Body Hair

With the right hair removal options for your skin type, achieving a smooth, soft, and youthful finish without damaging your skin is the goal. Unfortunately, with your average, over-the-counter hair removal options, the result is often hair removal with short-term or uneven results. We’re all about protecting our clients’ skin with a more natural approach to hair removal and have come up with a few helpful methods to remove the hair and support your skin’s health on a cellular level. 

Professional Waxing Remains One of the Safest Methods

All-natural wax hair removal is safe for virtually every skin type, involves no harsh chemicals, and is easily performed within 30 minutes or less. When done professionally, waxing will not cause any serious issues like skin infection or tissue damage. With an underarm, eyebrow, or Brazilian wax in York, PA, benefits include: 

  • Longer-Lasting Results: Waxing gets to the root of stubborn hair follicles, removing both visible surface hairs and the embedded roots for 3-4 weeks of smoother skin appearance. Also, since waxing slows the hair growth cycle, the longer you continue to wax, the thinner and finer any hair regrowth will be. 
  • Enhanced Skin Safety: With all-natural waxes and skilled application, your skin is protected from harsh chemicals, sharp tools, and unnecessary pulling force. Waxing is a delicate process, and if performed incorrectly, it can cause bruising or irritation to the skin. To avoid these issues, our licensed estheticians never reuse wax sticks, remove the hair methodically, and utilize higher-quality waxes that cling to the hair instead of your skin. 

Tweezing & Microblading for Beautiful Brows

In between waxing sessions, careful tweezing can be a great supplement to keep your eyebrows or upper lip looking clean. It’s important to use a tweezer that’s designed for hair removal; be sure to find a pair of tweezers that has a flat tip to avoid accidental pokes. If refining your eye line with a set of tweezers is the last thing you want to deal with every day, we also offer microblading in Lancaster, PA to help you define a tailored eye line with semi-permanent style.

Learn More About Our Safe & Rejuvenating Hair Removal Services!

Before investing in an overpriced laser removal or buying another set of irritating razors, get in touch with our experienced estheticians and discover how we can rejuvenate your skin and remove the hair less painfully. Clean, careful, and skin-type-specific hair removal is our specialty, and we’re on a mission to help you achieve softer, nourished, and super-smooth skin with every quick and affordable waxing service!