Skin Care


February 2021 – As I began this month’s blog post, I started by googling the word collagen. A topic that has been rather hot lately. What popped up first in my search was images of all different brands of collagen powder, followed by articles on collagen supplements and articles with titles questioning whether it’s a hoax or the secret ingredient to a lifetime of youth.

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Esty Bestie, what’s all this buzz about Vitamin C and Retinoids?

February 2021 –  I’m so glad you asked! You came to the right place to learn the differences, benefits, and what these products really do for your skin. Both Vitamin C and Retinoids – or Vitamin A derivatives – are both known to fight signs of aging, build collagen, help fade hyperpigmentation, and defend against free […]

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Is Sugar Aging You?

February 2021 –  That sweet tooth could also be leading to fine lines, and wrinkles in your skin and causing your premature aging. What is causing this? Well it is called, glycation. As if we didn’t feel guilty enough grabbing that extra chocolate bar out of our kid’s Valentine’s Day bag… What is glycation, and why […]

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