Lash Lift: Is it Worth the Hype?

Lash Lift- Is it Worth the Hype

If you’re after naturally brighter eyes, spa savings, and a stunning lash style that lasts 2-3x longer than your average extensions, then yes, a lash lift is worth your time. When lifted by a professional, the process is completely painless, safe, and produces a beautiful, semi-permanent lift that lasts for 4-8 weeks (depending on your eye care routine and lash cycle). 

Unlike lash extensions that often need to be fixed or reapplied shortly after application, lash lifting is way less complicated and involves much less upkeep. After the lashes are curved, there are never any clumpy adhesives or irritating chemicals left behind. Ideal for anyone that has sensitive eyes or hates that heavy extension feeling, we always recommend the more natural approach to achieve that desired look.  

In addition to benefiting from a lower-maintenance lash style, with a quick-and-easy lash lift you can expect: 

  • Flexible Style: With a lash lift, it’s safe to use your favorite mascara or eye makeup ~48 hours afterward. Unlike extensions where you’re stuck with a specific style, a natural lift lets you choose between all-natural beauty, boosted volume, or a mix of both depending on your mood for the day.
  • Serious Savings: Lash lifts and tints take less time and require less product. On average, our lash lift in Lancaster, PA costs about 50-75% less than your typical spa extensions.
  • Less Stress: As the lash curve gradually begins to fade, it’s way less noticeable and dramatic. Forget about those urgent lash emergencies (like a set of extensions hanging from your eye!), and schedule an eye-catching lift whenever it’s convenient. 
  • Appropriate for Any Lashes: If someone tells you your lashes are too short, they’re lying. Anyone can benefit from a lash lift. Even short or thin lashes gain a more attractive appearance after lifting, and the process can significantly reduce the need to use makeup products (since our natural lifts make it look like you already have mascara on!). And, if you do want to use mascara,  the lifting process improves the spacing and alignment of your lashes making it easier to apply your favorite products. 

How Long is Your Lash Cycle & When to Relift? 

After your first or second lash lifting session, you’ll know how long your desired curves last. Every set of lifted lashes is different; some lash lifts will last way longer than you thought possible, while other treatments will only last about a month if your lashes grow fast or you apply makeup too forcefully. In general, the best way to extend your lash lift is to treat your lashes as gently as possible. 

When you visit our lash lifting pros for a revitalish in Lancaster, PA, we’ll teach you valuable eye washing and makeup application tips to help you make the most of your lift. We can also help you highlight your brow line, nourish and detox your skin, and have a ton of other amazing skincare options if you need help with anything else.